Clinical Ethology Service – Visits

Behaviour issues are very frequent in everyday clinical practice. At CAWEC, we offer three alternatives to offer a high-quality clinical ethology service at your clinic:

  1. Visits to your veterinary center: the diagnosis and follow-up is performed at your veterinary center, so that your client does not need to travel.
  2. Home visits: in some cases, the environment is crucial in the manifestation of behaviour issues. In other cases, the animal's owner may have difficulties in traveling to the veterinary center, being home visits the best option for your client. We can visit your home to make the session possible.
  3. Visits to the UAB's Clinical Veterinary Hospital: our permanent clinical ethology service is available for you to forward any case that you may consider convenient Fundació Hospital clínic

In any of the three alternatives, the first visit includes an interview with the animal's owner (of a duration of 60 minutes approximately), preparing general treatment standards for the owner, a report for the veterinary center, and a follow-up via e-mail. The diagnostic obtained in the first visit usually is not a definitive diagnosis. In those cases in which a definitive diagnosis cannot be obtained, the most appropriate convention diagnosis is considered in order to get a final diagnosis as soon as possible.

Follow-up visits are carried out in any of the three modalities mentioned above. The visits have a duration of 30 minutes approximately, and during each visit treatments are adjusted according to the patient's progress. If a new behaviour issue appears and it is not related to the previous one, a new first visit must be performed.

In most cases, the treatment requires sessions of behaviour modification. For more information, you may visit the section “Behaviour modification services”.