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Veterinary clinicians

At CAWEC we help you solve your needs regarding the clinical ethology of dogs and cats

Servicio de Etología Clínica – Visitas

Clinical ethology consultation - visits

Behavioral problems are very frequent in the daily clinic. CAWEC offers you three possibilities so that you can offer a quality clinical ethology consultation:

  • Visits at your veterinary practice. So that your client does not have to travel, and all diagnosis and monitoring is carried out in your practice.
  • Home visits. In some cases, the environment plays a very important role in the onset of the behavior problem, in others, the owner has difficulties in moving to the veterinary practice. We can make home-visits.
  • Visits at the Fundació Hospital Clínic Veterinari of the UAB. Our permanent clinical ethology service is at your disposal so that you can send us any case that you think appropriate.

Regardless of the modality:

  • The first visit will include the interview with the owner (which lasts approximately 60 minutes), the preparation of general treatment guidelines for the owner, a report for the veterinary practice and follow-ups via email. At the first visit, the definitive diagnosis is not always obtained. In cases where the diagnosis cannot be obtained, the most appropriate diagnostic protocol is proposed to achieve it as soon as possible.
  • The follow-up visits have an estimated duration of about 30 min, and in them the treatments are readjusted according to the evolution of the patient. In the event that a new behavior problem has appeared, which is not associated with the first visit problem, another first visit must be made.

Behavior modification service

Treatment requires, in most cases, behavior modification sessions. Using learning techniques, which always safeguard the well-being of our patients, we manage to modify the behaviors that are bothersome for the owners.

  • Behavior modification for cases initially attended by CAWEC. The behavior modification service will be in permanent contact with the clients and with the veterinarians responsible for the case, to give a quick and effective response.
  • Behavior modification for cases initially attended by your veterinary practice. If you have already made the clinical diagnosis of the problem and require our behavior modification service to carry out its treatment, CAWEC also offers you this possibility.
Servicio de Etología Clínica – Visitas
Servicio de Etología Clínica – Visitas

Advice on welfare of company animals

We help you improve the well-being of your patients and your clients:

  • We visit the veterinary practice to identify the points to improve.
  • We provide strategies to improve the identified aspects.
  • Animal welfare training courses for the staff of your veterinary practice on site.

Stays in our service

If you want you can make stays in the behaviour services. Send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Servicio de Etología Clínica – Visitas

At CAWEC we offer training for veterinary centres and their staff

Servicio de Etología Clínica – Visitas

Practical course of specialization in behavior modification

The treatment of the main behavioral problems of the dog is based on learning. Therefore, behavior modification is the basis for the treatment of behavioral problems.

In this course you will acquire all the tools and techniques necessary to be able to deal with most behavioral problems. They range from the simplest techniques to the most innovative advances in this field.

The direct and personalized treatment and its practical application make it an ideal course of behavior modification in the dog, whether it is your first course in dog education, or if you already have knowledge on this field.

In order to take the course, a theoretical basis is required. Send us your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will evaluate your request.

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