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Pet owners

At CAWEC we are concerned about the well-being of your pet and yours, that is why we offer you a series of services aimed at promoting petting that takes into account the aspects that guarantee it.

Servicio de Etología Clínica – Visitas

Clinical ethology consultation - visits

If your pet is a dog and:

  • Barks excessively
  • Pull from side to side during the walk
  • Urinates and defecates inside the house
  • Has trouble staying alone
  • Has aggressive behaviors
  • Has fears, phobias, compulsive disorders or anxiety states.

Or a cat that:

  • Scratches the furniture in the house
  • Urinates and defecates out of the litter tray
  • Has aggressive behaviors
  • Has fear, phobias and changes in their usual general behavior
We can help you:
  • A veterinary specialist in clinical ethology can attend you at the Veterinary Clinical Hospital of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona or at your home. First, we will make a medical history of your pet, which will allow us to make a presumptive diagnosis and establish initial treatment guidelines. We will give you a complete report with everything we have explained to you in this first consultation.
  • Sometimes, it is necessary to do additional treatment sessions to modify the behavior. In them you will do exercises with your pet under our supervision. Depending on the problem we are dealing with, we will do it at your home or in a controlled environment at our facilities at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Advice on welfare of companion animals

Sometimes, your pet can live in an environment that does not allow the expression of important behaviors for him. In addition, certain practices (for example, punishment) can negatively affect the welfare of the animal if applied improperly.

Our service can advise you evaluating the welfare of your pet and facilitating the tools so that the well-being of your pet is guaranteed.

Servicio de Etología Clínica – Visitas
Servicio de Etología Clínica – Visitas

Socialization classes for puppies

Your puppy begins its socialization at 3 weeks of age and ends at 3 months. In order for it to have a balanced adult behavior, it is very important that during these weeks it gets used to different species with which it will live (adults and children, cats, horses, etc.), other dogs, environmental noises, in addition to learn a series of guidelines (control their bite, urinate and defecate in a specific place, etc.).

We offer you to accompany you in this process, giving you the most important information about its education and development, so that your puppy:

  • Gets used to being with other dogs and unknown people
  • Accepts manipulations like exploring its ears or brushing
  • If any problem is detected early, he can receive the appropriate treatment

At CAWEC we offer training for pet owners

Servicio de Etología Clínica – Visitas

Owner training

As the owner of a dog or a cat we offer you the possibility of carrying out at the Veterinary Faculty of the UAB:

  • Dog behavior: in which you will be able to understand its social behavior and communication, as well as the basic aspects of how to educate your dog.
  • Cat behavior: in which the social behavior and communication of cats are explained, as well as the basic aspects of the requirements that the domestic environment must have to avoid stress problems.

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