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At CAWEC we want to promote the creation of pharmaceutical products aimed at the management and treatment of behavior problems and the well-being of companion animals and the awareness of the importance of practices that guarantee the well-being of dogs, cats and exotic animals.

Servicio de Etología Clínica – Visitas


CAWEC has the human team and facilities to carry out:

  • Advice on the development process of a product related to the behavior and well-being of companion animals.
  • Studies to test a product. The studies will always be carried out following scientific criteria.
  • Design of studies to check the efficacy of the product under controlled conditions.
  • Comparison of the product with other products on the market.

Advice on welfare of companion animals

CAWEC has an advisory service to veterinary practices and shelters to maximize the welfare of animals, clients and the veterinary team.

To achieve this CAWEC:

  • Evaluates the welfare of the animals housed in the centres and identifies the points for improvement.
  • Provides strategies to improve the aspects found and prevent problems that may affect the welfare of the animals, as well as the staff that works at the centre.
  • Teaches animal welfare training courses for centre staff on site.
Servicio de Etología Clínica – Visitas

At CAWEC we offer training for companies in the sector

Servicio de Etología Clínica – Visitas

Specific training for companies

At CAWEC we offer training for companies in the veterinary and pet nutrition sector on products and practices related to animal behavior and welfare aimed at:

  • The company's technicians. Since they are responsible for the promotion / distribution of the product, they are provided with the relevant technical aspects, always from a scientific basis, and their strengths for the treatment of the behavior / welfare problem of small animals.
  • The clients of the company. By launching a new product related to the behavior and well-being of pets, we can collaborate in the training of veterinarians or owners so that they can use the product in the correct way and maximizing its benefit.

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