The next edition of the master's degree will start in February 2020. Classes will last 10 weeks.

The objective of the master's degree in ethology in companion animals is to provide you with the necessary tools to be able to identify, diagnose, treat and prevent the main behavioral problems. We focus especially on the clinical ethology of cat and dog, but we also offer you insights to get you started on the clinical ethology of exotic animals (birds, small mammals, and reptiles) and horses.

To achieve this objective, we offer you a large number of practical hours to help you apply the knowledge acquired during the theoretical hours of the master's degree and clinical application is based on the most basic pillars of ethology (behavioral ontogeny, behavioral physiology, etc.).

At the end of the master's degree in ethology in companion animals, you will be able to approach each clinical case you encounter in your daily practice, with its particular behavioral changes.

You will come across a motivated teaching team eager to share their knowledge and clinical experiences.

To train in clinical ethology of cats and dogs, exotic animals and horses, do not hesitate to contact us!