One of the main goals of CAWEC is training new professionals.

The main goal of the master on clinical ethology of dogs and cats is to provide the necessary resources to be able to diagnose, treat and prevent the main behaviour issues on companion animals. Although the master is specially focused on dogs and cats, it also offers basic knowledge for getting initiated in clinical ethology of exotic animals (birds, small mammals and reptiles) and Equidae. Furthermore, we strongly believe that there are two central pillars to fulfill these objectives: in the first place, offering the student many hours of practical classes, to help them apply the knowledge acquired during the theory classes of the master course. Secondly, strengthening the clinical implementation in the fundamentals of ethology (ontogeny of behaviour, physiology of behaviour, etc.). Each clinical case has its particularities, and the student must finish the course being capable of handling a variety of behaviour alterations that are found in everyday clinical practice.

Students will meet a group of motivated professors willing to share their knowledge and experiences. If you are eager to learn clinical ethology, you should not hesitate to contact us.

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